Genetic Medicine

Molecular and Medical Genetics

May 12, 2016 |
Resources for students and faculty and information on department events and programs. With related news and publications. ... Read more

American Medical Association: Pharmacogenomics

Feb 17, 2016 |
Pharmacogenomics Drug disposition, drug targets, and side effectsEvans, WE, and McLeod, HLNEJM 2003; 348:538-549Economic issues from molecule to marketplacePharmacogenomics eventually can lead to an ... Read more

e-Medicine: Genetics and Metabolic Disease: MKS

Feb 16, 2016 |
Medscape offers specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals the Web's most robust and integrated medical information and educational tools. After a simple, 1-time, free ... Read more

Cyndi's List - Medical, Medicine, and Genetics

Feb 15, 2016 |
Includes links to Civil War medicine and hospitals, diseases and medical terms, doctors, genetics and family health. ... Read more

Abbey Osteopathic Clinic

Feb 9, 2016 |
Whether you have recently injured yourself playing sport or can’t understand why something is hurting because you haven’t “done anything” or have a work related pain that has ... Read more

British Society for Genetic Medicine

Feb 3, 2016 |
The British Society for Genetic Medicine (BSGM) represents health professionals working in specialised genetic services in the NHS and scientists and health professionals in medical research. ... Read more

Clinical Genetics Society

Feb 3, 2016 |
The Clinical Genetics Society (CGS) was set up in 1970 to bring together doctors and other professionals involved in the care of individuals and families with genetic disorders, with the following ... Read more