Vacation Rentals

The Dilemmas of Renting or Buying a Holiday Home

Nov 10, 2014 |
Renting or buying a holiday home is a decision that often comes down to something pretty simple: money. Whether you are financially able to buy or rent it, will help you decide which of these options ... Read more

Itamaraca: A Home Run to Paradise

Nov 10, 2014 |
The island of Itamaraca used to be popular only in Brazil as an island and a city, but its wide range of delicious seafood, peace and tranquility, shockingly low property prices, the relocation of its ... Read more

Vacation Home Nightmares

Nov 10, 2014 |
Maybe you've heard tales of someone's vacation nightmares, or had the unfortunate experience of having one of your own. Avoiding a nightmares like these are pretty important when it comes to actually ... Read more

How to Avoid Bad Vacation Homes

Nov 10, 2014 |
Showing up to your vacation home only to find out it's not what you expected can quickly ruin a vacation. Before you even pack a bag you want to make sure you can show up at your destination ready to ... Read more